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Myths about Corporate Videos

February 12th, 2010

It’s time to explode a few myths that have built up around our industry, why? Well it’s Friday, cold and we’ve got some time to kill!

So the first myth…..

We don’t need a company to do it, Dave in accounting is good with a camera.

Ok so not every company has an employee called Dave or even an accounting department, but everybody wants to save money in the current climate (sorry).  So you end up with Boring and poorly-produced videos, with bad storytelling, but hey we saved money.

As a video production company, we’ve learned a lot from our clients about their businesses, but we wouldn’t want to do what they do (too much like hard work). So why would you want to give yourself extra work? Let a professional company do it, not only will you get a better video but, you could make some friends along the way.

We don’t need a Scriptwriter

Well although this is sometimes true, when it is get a professional (if you choose to use us, I’m not the script writer). Now everyone one’s at ease, I will reiterate the previous point why give yourselves more work when you can get someone who does it for a living.

The Boss needs to be in the video

Does he or she really? No, not really. Speaking from experience the boss doesn’t really want to be in front of the camera, and when they are they aren’t always happy with the way they have come over. Your video should be more focused on what you do and how you do it, bridge the emotional with your clients by showing their peers.

Corporate Videos cost £1000 a minute.

We wish! Nowadays the costs of creating videos have been slashed. With the use of digital technologies, timescales have reduced therefore so have the prices.  Each video is different and therefore each price will be different.

You can distribute a video without it ever seeing a DVD, in fact web based videos are becoming more and more popular and thus cheaper, yup I just used thus.

We need ex-BBC staff

Loads of companies say they are staffed by ex BBC employees, but so what why are they ex anyway. If you have well trained, talented staff does it matter where they came from?

Now please don’t get me wrong some of our guys are freelancers that still work for the BBC and they’re great. I’m digressing; the point is if the company’s portfolio is full of great work does it matter where they learnt their trade?

All Corporate videos are boring and look old fashioned

They used to be, I remember when I was a lad the videos all looked like they were made in the 70’s. To be fair it was the 70’s so it could have been that. But you get my point, you can watch a video that was shot last year and it looks like it was produced in the late 90’s, with boring shots and uninspired acting.

But not all videos have to be like this, modern graphics and camera techniques when used properly can make most subjects exciting, even a video about being boring!

Well there you go Myths busted, not maybe as thoroughly as they get on the Discovery channel and we didn’t blow anything up…. sorry!